Welcome. We call this the “West Lobby”, and you can enter the Yorkshire Viking Norway blog from the menu above. You can also enter from the “East Lobby”.

The lobbies are a historical curiosity resulting from previous changes to this blog, and are now to all practical intents and purposes identical. You have come to the original blog on wordpress.com, and this has been transformed into the (West) Lobby in order to direct you to where the blog is now. The blog today has certain member only areas, and these also require members to authenticate themselves in the lobby first. The lobby in use there is the “East” one, which is now really the lobby you should go to for everything.

Exception to registration

This blog requires registration in some cases; it is however still possible for many of you to view without registering (some posts of a more private nature remain hidden). An automatic filter is sadly necessary because some abuse the rules. Anyone can comment on posts.

Registration (if you find yourself stopped by our security measures) is easy and quick. No person sees it – a password is automatically mailed to you by the system. You are asked to read the terms and conditions. Once you are registered, you must do one of two things so that we know you are a real person. We prefer you (according to our terms) to log in and write your real name in your profile. However, if you absolutely do not wish to do so, you can assure us you are a real living person (and not a “bot”) by going to the contact form you see in “support”, give us the user name you have created, and type us a short little note saying you are bona fida and that you have read and will abide by the above terms and conditions.