You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to see something creepy. These days we are all witness to something that – regardless of its explanation – is very creepy indeed. One has all reason to believe that the authorities are up to something.

Hardly good for the environment...
Hardly very good for our environment?

I am referring to the (relatively) new phenomenom called “chemtrails”. You’ll find lots about this if you google the term. Unfortunately there’s a lot of rubbish. I myself have just been kicked off an Internet group because I pointed this out. Someone was attributing ordinary sunsets to the chemicals aeroplanes are dumping on us. It was utter nonsense. Because I offended those who wrote this by saying so I got excluded from the group.

This is sad because there really is something going on. Amongst the normal clouds we see, and among these I include those with waves or ripples, there are some that are clearly created by human beings. That is not rubbish; even NASA admits it, but explains these clouds as “persistent contrails”. Meteorology has long been an interest to me (a hobby that got me bullied at school), and together with many professional weathermen I just don’t buy this.

Chemtrail over Leland, Leirfjord, Norway
Chemtrails are making us ill

There have always been vapour trails. What is noteworthy today is that two planes can fly parallel to each other, and they can even fly at the same altitude, and the one will leave a trail that immediately evaporates – whilst the other plane leaves a trail as in the pictures here. These trails then spread out to form a thin layer of cloud, and tellingly one has been able to independently verify chemical fallout. The authorities remain silent on the matter.

I have myself taken pictures of skies that look more like a chessboard, with more crosses and parallel lines that eventually become one film of cloud that covers the sun. This is by the way something no-one is denying. NASA has pictures from satellite that show that nearly the entire globe is now criss-crossed many times by such trails. Neither does anyone doubt that this activity is reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the earth, or as already has been mentioned such clouds are artificial. Others however doubt the “persistent contrails” explanation, and among these are professional meteorologists who wish to sue the German State for what they see as an illegal experiment in weather manipulation.

Then there are still others who believe that the authorities are engaged in a global scheme to reduce the world’s population. Yes, you read that correctly: that “they” want to kill us. This theory is that we are not going to be killed overtly, straight away, but be sickened and made sterile from all the poisons they are dropping on us over time. Without going into the merits of this theory here one should not immediately dismiss something only because it on face value seems too outrageous and incredible to be true: as has already been noted independent laboratory analysis of fallout from these “vapour trails” has confirmed the presence of harmful substances, and among these are aluminium, barium, [strontium – not in Norwegian original, but found] and EVEN dried human red blood cells and virus particles.

We have also to look at this in the light of newly declassified papers by which we read that our supposedly civilised lands have conducted secret biological testing on their populations – both in the USA and the United Kingdom – exposing these to extensive exposure to pathogens as late as the seventies. They did this by spraying cities from planes, and even innocent people and children from vans in the street. Please don’t laugh at this. It is all declassified, and happened. E-coli  was among the pathogens people were deliberately exposed to!

Today the trails in the skies are so extensive and blatant, that you must have to will yourself to believe that they nonetheless are naturally occurring. Nevertheless, even if you refuse to believe that you are witness to an unparralleled crime against humanity, which can explain the huge increases in cancer, diabetes, and the alarming reduction in human fertility –  and even if you still say that we are only looking at vapour trails, you must however acknowledge that these are now SO extensive that common sense can show them to be harmful. However you look at them they are harming our environment.

This is something we need to wake up to. It has to be stopped. That there really are such evil people who are out to get us is not so incredible: we saw that on the 11th September 2001…


7 thoughts on “Translations

    1. I gave you the wrong link first. However I see that you have begun with it, but address yourself only to Dave. I will answer you about him, but when you have read my own article (the translation from CQD), my essential point is this: that EVEN if you think that the whole chemtrail argument is bullshit, and based on poor science, there are nevertheless so many artificial clouds today that this is having an impact on the climate.

      You might start asking me for proof there. Let me just say that I personally think that society has accepted the premise of climate change and global warming on far shakier grounds – speaking as a sceptic, but that is another issue. Nevertheless, NASA calls contrails man-made cloud cover, and (I hope you will permit me not to have to delve in an find everything again) that there is a concern for the environmental effects. Simply, in otherwords because there are now so many of them.

      I might also cite as relevant that in the days after the 911 attacks – when as you must know all air traffic was uniquely grounded in the USA – I remember reading that some scientific body there claimed to be able to measure a very small effect on the climate in just those three or so days. Now, no, I do not have the expertise to be able to argue whether this were true or not, but I assure you the claim was made.

      Now my essential point then, which DAVE (for all that I too have differences with the man and his group) points out very well, is that – whatever their cause – the trails left by aircraft are getting to the point where they affect us negatively. You as someone who knows a lot about planes will probably disagree with this; however, a lot of us are beginning to notice how many of these persistent trails there are.

      1. Yes, but there is simply NO sort of deliberate spray programmes going on … that the burning of hydrocarbon fuels have some pollution in them and that the contrails give extra cloud cover is but an unfortunate, and back then unseen, effect of global air travel. In 2010 some five billiion plus air passenger, and it is set to increase …

        WE are the problem itself … people WANT to travel to other countries, so like cars we pollute.

        But cars STILL cause more pollution that aircraft … flying is terribly expensive and fuel hungry, so it is ecomonic sense for the industry to make sure their engines are highly efficient, which they are, they actually burn MORE of the fuel than a car engine does …

      2. Thank you, Elisabeth.

        At least you acknowledge there is a problem. That is my main reason for writing about the subject.

        As for the cause, well if you examine my article, you will see that I am presenting what has been presented. “Then there are still others who believe that the authorities are engaged in a global scheme to reduce the world’s population. Yes, you read that correctly: that “they” want to kill us. This theory is that we are not going to be killed overtly, straight away, but be sickened and made sterile from all the poisons they are dropping on us over time. Without going into the merits of this theory here…” should be enough to show that that is what I am doing. And I plead guilty to being “foolish” enough to suspecting there is some truth to the theories that have been put forward, unlike yourself.

        However, I always fall back on the very point that you yourself allowed in your answer. Regardless of whether we are the problem or not, there is a measurable affect on our weather, and we cannot continue just uncritically as we have been doing.

        This, of course, IMO.

  1. pipene … “there are nevertheless so many artificial clouds today that this is having an impact on the climate.”

    And how does any of this support the contention of deliberate spraying being done on a global basis … there are MORE flights every year than previously, therefor MORE planes … it is that simple !!!

    “but I assure you the claim was made.”

    And I accept that … there were clear skies after 9/11, but the weather was good at that point anyway, and for all this supposed spraying going on we do still have bright, sunny clear days … the air is generally wetter in winter due to the cold, so is is nonsense to expect fluffy white clouds and blue skies anyway, but chemtrailers tout the weather variation as if it was some sort of proof that we are being heavier “sprayed” when it is just that the winter sky is duller and greyer anyway.

  2. “the trails left by aircraft are getting to the point where they affect us negatively”

    Only in some peoples minds though … there are still huge areas where there is no heavy air traffic passing, air traffic travels in designated routes, like roads in the sky and so like some roads are heavier travelled than others, so the same happens up there, you find busy junctions and intersections … so for those that happen to live underneath them it may “appear” that they are being targetted but it is no worse than living beside a motorway and complaining about all the cars and noise.

    This whole thing is about “perception” … imagine if you bought a green car when previously you had only red … suddenly it “seems” as if there are loads of green cars, where before there were none. But there aren’t actually more green cars it is just that you never noticed them before … so the same goes for all these chemtrailers touting that they remember blue skies before, they don’t … they just imagine they did.

    This all is over-anxious fear-mongering, mostly by people whom have not thought through these things properly, air travel is a reality of modern living, like it or loathe it, it is a reality, and we cannot expect to have that freedom of spanning this globe WITHOUT something happening back.

    This is an issue of our own making … how many people do you know that quite happily fly off on holiday abroad but make no effort at any of the carbon reduction things you can do to help offset your flight ???

    None, I’ll bet and yet these people will be the first shouting blame at teh ebil gubmint !!!

  3. “And I plead guilty to being “foolish” enough to suspecting there is some truth to the theories that have been put forward, unlike yourself.”

    The whole idea that teh ebil “them” would use the one and ONLY atmosphere that this tiny little ball of blue has and that EVERY living creature depends upon is just so enormously stupid, there is NO fall-back were this to go wrong … there are far, far, far, far easier, cheaper, quicker and more effective ways of “doing in the hoi polloi” that risking even the very air that “they” NEED to breathe from too.

    Honestly the very idea of poisioning the air being workable or even suitable is just so obviously moronic … what kind of can be guaranteed to survive in such a hostile enviroment as the upper atmoshere to somehow be expected to drift down on target and work anyway … do you have any idea of how MUCH you would need for a start.

    Yes. there are increases in cancer rates, but that is down more to BETTER detection rates than before, medical diagnosis is INCREASING, diseases are quicker and faster detected and there is better reportage than before too. But you simply cannot say that the purpose of these all is to “slowly” poison us either … for what kind of ebil baddie would do that … sick people COST society, I live in the UK, where we have free health care, our hospitals are overloaded with an increasingly elderly population, living into older age than before.

    Thinking that there is some slow poisoing going on is just equally stupid, for populations are living healthier longer generally and things like vaccination and eradiction programmes, implemented by governments, have lead to a huge REDUCTION in what, not too long ago, were common childhood diseases.

    When was the last time you saw anyone with rickets or polio … I remember children with polio, encased in plaster from the waist down???

    Smallpox is officially eradicated … a terrible disease that killed milliions, but because of governments global will and money a programme of effective vaccination has eradicated this disease …

    People have LESS of what were routine killers not that long ago, but government sponsored programmes have STOPPED these, but we are supposed to expect that they let you survive in childhood but want to slowly kill you off later on … giving themselves a logistical and expensive to cope with unhealthy population.

    Come on think about it properly … it must makes no sense whatsoever to slowly do us all in, if anything it makes problems for them, an increasingly ailing population does not work and create money !!!

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