You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to see something creepy. These days we are all witness to something that – regardless of its explanation – is very creepy indeed. One has all reason to believe that the authorities are up to something.

Hardly good for the environment...

Hardly very good for our environment?

I am referring to the (relatively) new phenomenom called “chemtrails”. You’ll find lots about this if you google the term. Unfortunately there’s a lot of rubbish. I myself have just been kicked off an Internet group because I pointed this out. Someone was attributing ordinary sunsets to the chemicals aeroplanes are dumping on us. It was utter nonsense. Because I offended those who wrote this by saying so I got excluded from the group.

This is sad because there really is something going on. Amongst the normal clouds we see, and among these I include those with waves or ripples, there are some that are clearly created by human beings. That is not rubbish; even NASA admits it, but explains these clouds as “persistent contrails”. Meteorology has long been an interest to me (a hobby that got me bullied at school), and together with many professional weathermen I just don’t buy this.

Chemtrail over Leland, Leirfjord, Norway

Chemtrails are making us ill

There have always been vapour trails. What is noteworthy today is that two planes can fly parallel to each other, and they can even fly at the same altitude, and the one will leave a trail that immediately evaporates – whilst the other plane leaves a trail as in the pictures here. These trails then spread out to form a thin layer of cloud, and tellingly one has been able to independently verify chemical fallout. The authorities remain silent on the matter.

I have myself taken pictures of skies that look more like a chessboard, with more crosses and parallel lines that eventually become one film of cloud that covers the sun. This is by the way something no-one is denying. NASA has pictures from satellite that show that nearly the entire globe is now criss-crossed many times by such trails. Neither does anyone doubt that this activity is reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the earth, or as already has been mentioned such clouds are artificial. Others however doubt the “persistent contrails” explanation, and among these are professional meteorologists who wish to sue the German State for what they see as an illegal experiment in weather manipulation.

Then there are still others who believe that the authorities are engaged in a global scheme to reduce the world’s population. Yes, you read that correctly: that “they” want to kill us. This theory is that we are not going to be killed overtly, straight away, but be sickened and made sterile from all the poisons they are dropping on us over time. Without going into the merits of this theory here one should not immediately dismiss something only because it on face value seems too outrageous and incredible to be true: as has already been noted independent laboratory analysis of fallout from these “vapour trails” has confirmed the presence of harmful substances, and among these are aluminium, barium, [strontium – not in Norwegian original, but found] and EVEN dried human red blood cells and virus particles.

We have also to look at this in the light of newly declassified papers by which we read that our supposedly civilised lands have conducted secret biological testing on their populations – both in the USA and the United Kingdom – exposing these to extensive exposure to pathogens as late as the seventies. They did this by spraying cities from planes, and even innocent people and children from vans in the street. Please don’t laugh at this. It is all declassified, and happened. E-coli  was among the pathogens people were deliberately exposed to!

Today the trails in the skies are so extensive and blatant, that you must have to will yourself to believe that they nonetheless are naturally occurring. Nevertheless, even if you refuse to believe that you are witness to an unparralleled crime against humanity, which can explain the huge increases in cancer, diabetes, and the alarming reduction in human fertility –  and even if you still say that we are only looking at vapour trails, you must however acknowledge that these are now SO extensive that common sense can show them to be harmful. However you look at them they are harming our environment.

This is something we need to wake up to. It has to be stopped. That there really are such evil people who are out to get us is not so incredible: we saw that on the 11th September 2001…