This blog got a re-brand last year. In addition to the name, you began to see the fancy logo at the top of every page.

This symbol is composed of three elements. The most obvious is the raven symbol of the Vikings. That is superimposed over two other symbols. The first is the Greek Cross, which I have used before (coloured violet) in my previous logo on my Facebook profile. Here the colour is green in order to fit within the colour scheme of my old school uniform – for the second symbol over which the raven sits is the former logo of Adwick School.

My intention is to have a symbol that conveys my life. Consequently this new symbol shows my formative years, my Christian faith, and my new home of Norway. This is the meaning of the Yorkshire Viking Norway logo.

Click here to see a graphic demonstration of the logo and how it was formed…. Please note that I have since added the definer “Norway” to “Yorkshire Viking” in order to distinguish this blog from other blogs of that same name.

As of December 2012 I have also introduced the older school colours for this blog’s style sheet (CSS). This means that the Yorkshire Viking Blog is the nearest thing to the old school uniform at Adwick that you will find, unless you know any differently….


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