Note: since the publication of this article, it has come to my attention that Adwick Academy will move into the new school facilities in February. That means that my old school has a period of grace some 6 weeks longer than I expected. I have no idea why things have been delayed. Nevertheless, this blog has now drawn a line over this story – and posts concerning the former Adwick School are now archived in the usual manner. Please note that the main menu item “Adwick School” is a transitional helper link, and this will disappear after Easter. From then you will be able to access the Adwick School material only from the archive.

These hallowed corridors where I last walked when I was 16 years old, will soon be levelled to the ground.

My school in England dominated this blog since August last year, when I became aware that it would be demolished. On Thursday 20th December 2012, what used to be Adwick School closed its doors for the very last time. At some point next year, it will all have been pulled down.

The time between those first posts and today has been interesting. It has also been very meaningful. I have come to meet school friends whom I last saw when I left school over 32 years ago. If I might be forgiven for using one of those “big words” to which I seem disposed, it has also led me to reflect upon the existential.

As we now enter a new time when the old Adwick School will no longer exist, I am now allowing these very special posts about it to be archived. Adwick School will no longer be so prominent on the actual menu line. However, for a transitory period I have made this page to enable you to see where everything is (naturally, if you snap a picture of the school being demolished and send it to me, I shall of course still post it).

Posts About Adwick School

There have been several poetic posts. If you are looking for those, you can see these here:

I wish everybody a Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Don’t forget that this blog still makes use of Adwick symbolism, and that I am open to forging links with past pupils. I am particularly interested in people who like creative writing; it would be satisfying to form an informal “blogger” alliance of some sort. However we must take things as they go. Whatever your connection to Adwick, you can contact me at arthur_king_of_england AT

One thought on “Full Speed Ahead!

  1. i left adwick a couple of years before you , 18 months after i was married in st lawrences church ( still wed ) i was in rhodes house , housemaster was mr walker , not the deputy head . when i left i went straight into employment at brodsworth pit . its funny how when i was at adwick i hated it , of the 3 high schools i attended it was the worst , but still , memories of adwick high are looked back on with a sense of pride .
    it looks beautiful where you now live in norway , a world away from that old mining village . it was a treat looking at your photos of where you live
    kind regards

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