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Until 2016, the Yorkshire Viking Blogs (one Norwegian, the other English) had two pages dedicated to entry and their navigation. These were called the Eastern and Western lobbies.

Since the rebranding of Yorkshire Viking after the Brexit vote of that year, the Eastern Lobby now functions as an archive for the older (English) blog. Until 2016 all Yorkshire Viking blogs used a theme based on the former school uniform of the now demolished Adwick School in Doncaster. That is still in use on the archived pages, but today’s blog now uses a new theme.

The Western Lobby, which you are looking at now doesn’t really have any function anymore. However, it can point you to what you may be looking for.

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Return to the Frozen North

Arctic Organist 2

After a week of sunshine, temperatures up to 26C / 79f, we overnighted in Oslo (still a ‘respectable’ 14C / 58f) and then boarded the plane back to Bardufoss. As we headed north the clouds parted and we were treated to some wonderful views over Lofoten and Senja.

This is Stetind (sometimes call the Anvil), and often referred to as Norway’s National Mountain. To see a stomach churning video of just how steep it is, click here. 1392m / 4567 feet straight up from the sea.

We passed by Lodingen, where our friend Christopher Briggs lives and works:

The view of the Lofoton archipeligo stretched at least 125 km / 80 miles. Zoom in on this picture and see how many rows you can count.

The view gave way to the southern end of Senja, then the northern peaks of Breitind and Astritind:

We flew past Finnsnes and our…

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